Planning a visit to our store?

If you're planning to visit our showroom we want to help you the best we can. We have created a list of information we need from you to go over the following projects.


Coming in for a freestanding pellet, wood, gas or coal stove?

What we need from you.

-The amount of square feet you are looking to heat.

-The location of where you would want to install the stove.

-Pictures, Pictures, Pictures! The more pictures of the room or area you want to place the stove, the better! Please bring pictures of the area you are interested in having the unit installed, pictures of the interior wall or the ceiling where the stove will be sitting in front of and pictures of the exterior wall and roof where the stove will be vented.

-If the stove location is near a window, we need a measurement of how far away the stove will be from it.

Coming in for a pellet, wood or gas insert?

What we need from you.

- Measurements. We need to know the opening of the pre-existing fireplace. Measure the width, height and depth of the opening, as well as the width and height in the back of the fireplace

-Pictures of the fireplace and the chimney from the outside

-The the amount of square feet you are looking to heat.

Coming in for a Gas Log set, fireplace grate or fireplace doors?

What we need from you.

-Please measure the height, width, and depth of the fireplace. We also need the back width dimensions.

*For fireplace doors, we only need the opening height and width measurements.*