About CSEC

Chimney Sweep Energy Corp was established by Jack and Carol Turner in 1976 during the “energy crunch” after a rather curious beginning. Jack Turner and one of his teacher buddies both decided to purchase a stove for their homes. Each having decided they wanted a Riteway 37 went stove shopping for the “best deal”. At one shop the pair visited they discovered that the owner was actually a distributor who told them if they purchased 3 units he would make them a dealer and therefore they could get their own units at dealer cost and make a small profit on the third unit.

All summer long that stove sat in Jack’s basement. Many calls came in and quite a few folks actually came to look at the stove but it continued to remain in Jack’s basement. Finally, after dropping the price to $20.00 above cost, the stove was purchased and out of the basement. Jack and his buddy returned to their teaching posts and life went back to normal at the Turner residence until… The first signs of winter became bitterly apparent and call after call was made to the Turner residence looking for that Riteway 37. At the end of the day 12 Riteway 37’s had to be ordered.

Potential customers began asking for fireplaces and other types of stoves which prompted Jack and Carol to begin looking to add other brands to their offerings as they made preparations to renovate a room in their home turning it into a showroom. Many brands were on display such as Frontier, Better ‘n Bens, All Nighter Fisher, Olympic Crest, Royal Furnaces and Boilers, Petit Godin, Black Bart, Garrison to name a few. It wasn’t long before the business grew and in 1982 Chimney Sweep built their own building nearby.

By now customers were asking about chimney cleaning services and installation options and with strong encouragement from Jack, John Turner (Jack’s son) and Dominic Potenza formed a partnership and formed Men At Work Chimney Sweeps who not only clean chimneys, but do quality stove installations.

In 1982, Chimney Sweep incorporated and became Chimney Sweep Energy Corp; a corporation that began with one item for sale.

Today CSEC sells only quality hearth products offering such brand names as Jotul, Hearthstone, Harman, Heatilator, RSF, IronStrike (formally Country Stoves), Keystoker , Legacy Stoves, Kozy Heat, Quadrafire and Napoleon. We have also added a large variety of accessories including stove gloves, thermometers, steamers, tool sets, glass doors, hearth rugs and much more including maintenance products such as gasket material, furnace cement, stove paint, etc.

Feel free to stop by our newly renovated showroom to see everything we have to offer. Our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff will be glad to help you and answer all of your questions. If desired, an in-home visit can be scheduled at your convenience.

CSEC has been a part of the “Adopt a highway program” for many years and is a Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) vendor which is designed to help low income households meet their heating needs.