Hearthstone Craftsbury Wood Stove


Beautiful and functional. the Craftsbury is sized to heat a large room or a small home



A Compact and Efficient Heater
This compact and efficient wood heater will keep your home warm make the most of your wood pile.

Tradition Cast Iron Quality
The Craftsbury is constructed of high-quality cast iron parts from our Spanish foundry and finished with beautiful porcelain enamel.

TruHybrid™ + Soapstone
Lined with soapstone blocks and using our TruHybrid™ technology, the Craftsbury offers long-lasting and efficient heat.

Combustion diagram of a cast iron stove from Hearthstone Stoves


Basil enamel finish swatchBasil Enamel

Brown enamel finish swatchBrown Enamel

Matte black finish swatchMatte Black

Convection Blower: 96-57400
Outside Air Adapter: 96-53400



BTU: Up to 40,000 Efficiency: 79% EPA Certified: 1.07 g/hr Firebox Capacity: 1.32 cu ft Flue Exit Diameter: 6 Flue Exit Location: Top HeatLife: 20 Hours of heat Heats up to: 1,400 sq ft Maximum Log Length: 16″ Stove Type: Cast Iron Wood Stove Weight: 470 lbs


Convection Blower: 96-57400 Outside Air Adapter: 96-53400


  • Side: 14″
  • Rear: 15 1⁄2″
  • Corner: 7″ Single-wall connector pipe, no rear heat shield
  • Side: 14″
  • Rear: 13 3⁄4″
  • Corner: 7″ Single-wall connector pipe with included rear heat shield
  • Side: 14″
  • Rear: 9 3⁄4″
  • Corner: 7″ Double-wall connector pipe with blower kit heat shield


Owners Manual
Spec Sheet