Hitzer 354 Coal Stove

Model 354 Stove

Automatic Bi-Metal Thermostat, Requires No Electricity to Burn, Sliding Damper Control, Ash Door, Baffle Plate, Cast Iron Grates, Removable Ash Pan, Exterior Grate Shaker, 7″ Flue, Firebrick Lined, Multiple Fuel Capabilities (Anthracite and Bituminous Coal), Stove Bright Paint in Black, Charcoal, and Honey Glo Brown


Hitzer model 354 produces outstanding amounts of evenly distributed heat, while providing luxury to one’s home.  This stove unites true heat with versatile design.  With multiple alternative fuel options this stove meets the convenience of its customers.  The Hitzer 354 has maximum heating capabilities of heating up to twenty-five hundred square feet and provides BTU ratings of twenty thousand up to one hundred thousand BTU’s. 

Hitzer 354 provides a large firebox, measuring twenty-five inches long, thirteen and half inches deep, and nineteen inches high, which allows for hours of warmth and comfort.  By having a large full-view firebox window, this provides peaceful relaxation for all to experience. The Hitzer Model 354 is a fabulous heater that is sure to make a fabulous home.


  • Measurement

  • Flue Size : 7″
  • Heating Capacity : Up to 2500 sq. ft.
  • BTU Rating : 20,000-100,000
  • Addl. Specs

  • Stove : Width 30″   Depth 21″   Height 36″
  • Firebox : Width 25″  Depth 13.5″   Height 19″
  • Fuel Door : Width 19″  Depth n/a   Height 10.5″
  • Clearance

  • Side Wall : Unit 18″   Flue 30″
  • Back Wall : Unit 24″   Flue 28″
  • Floor Protection Dimensions

    Front : 16″
    Side : 8″
    Rear : 8″
  • Floor to Flue Measurement

  • Floor to Flue : 37″


Owners Manual

Clearance Reduction Percentage Chart

Operation of a Coal Fire