Wood Inserts

Like all Vermont Castings products, our wood-burning fireplace inserts are designed and crafted with close attention to the finest details. 

Lined with soapstone and built with integral blowers, our fireplace inserts will turn your drafty fireplace into a source of long-lasting comfortable heat.


Quadra-Fire wood fireplace inserts can transform your wood-burning fireplace into a powerful, highly efficient and clean-burning heat source, even during power outages

Introducing a new chapter for the RSF brand. The Focus 3600i is the very first fireplace insert developed by RSF. Its quality construction, low emissions, and high efficiency embody over 30 years of quality fireplace construction and experience. 


IronStrike inserts are designed for discerning homeowners who want more from their existing fireplace. Whether you choose a gas insert, wood insert or pellet insert, you’ll get a fireplace that performs just as efficiently as you do.