Heatilator Gas Fireplaces

The right gas fireplace for you
With gas fireplaces, you've got options—size, look, heat, price and style.

Fortress See-Through Gas Fireplace

Seamlessly integrate your indoor and outdoor space with the Fortress see-through gas fireplace

Twilight Modern Gas Fireplace

The Twilight Modern is an evolution of the industry’s first indoor/outdoor gas fireplace.

Legacy TrueView Gas Fireplace

The patent-pending design of the Legacy TrueView Series provides a large, traditional fireplace opening with a clear view of the fire without any glass.

Twilight II Indoor-Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Add warmth and fireside views to two spaces—with one fireplace.

Crave See-Through Gas Fireplace

The Crave provides modern luxury at an affordable price. 

Heirloom Series Gas Fireplace

The Heirloom provides authentic masonry style without the costs of a site-built masonry fireplace.

Peninsula Gas Fireplace

A unique design enables the Peninsula gas fireplace to elegantly divide a space. 

Caliber nXt Gas Fireplace

The Caliber nXt series delivers bold fire and impressive heating power to create a dramatic focal point in any room.

Corner Gas Fireplace

The corner series adds architectural interest to every home.

Crave Series Gas Fireplace

All of the essentials for a complete modern design are available in both single-sided and see-through models. 

See-Through Gas Fireplace

The Heatilator gas see-through series adds architectural interest to every home, offering dramatic viewing of the fire from two separate rooms.

Caliber Gas Fireplace

The Caliber Series delivers bold fire and impressive heating power to create a dramatic focal point in any room.

Rave Series Gas Fireplace

The Rave adds a modern, linear style and proven value to any home or office. 

Reveal Gas Fireplace

These open-hearth gas fireplaces provide full, generous flames, comforting heat, as well as featuring optional doors.

Novus Gas Fireplace

The versatile Novus gas fireplace with glowing embers fits into almost any lifestyle and space, where other fireplaces can’t.