Quick Checkup

Give your wood stove a spring cleaning!

Schedule a chimney sweeping; there is no better way to give your stove a massive thank you for keeping you warm during the winter. You should give your stove a service at least once a year and with the change of the season, fall cleaning is an essential part of quality wood burning.

1. Use the correct fuel
If you burn quality fuel throughout the heating season it will make your life easier when it comes to cleaning it out. Avoid burning unseasoned or treated wood. Fuel should be split and stacked for a least 6 months before burning.

2. Sweep the chimney & Inspect the stove
We advise you to sweep your chimney at least once a year, or more if needed. Fall and spring are perfect times to sweep your chimney. This is a great way to make sure your chimney and connector pipe are clear & safe!

At CSEC, we recommend that you get your chimney cleaned by a professional; it can get very messy as there is lots of equipment involved! A chimney sweep also has the knowledge to point out problems they spot. Stove inspection is also important. The entire stove should be inspected, particularly the internal parts. All seals should be inspected. Replace the seals between the door and glass if needed. Make sure the air control lever moves freely and check grate bars for any damage. While looking over the stove door, check to make sure the hinges are working and look for any cracks in the glass.

3. Clean inside
To ensure perfect wood burning conditions, it’s vital to look after the inside of your stove. Remember to clean the excess ash but leave a layer on the bottom of the stove, as this helps to insulate and protect the stove from the burning heat.

4. Cleaning the glass
Wood burning stoves are made with an air-wash system, which helps keep the glass clean while you’re burning wood.
If your glass does need a spring clean, you can use stove glass cleaner or get a damp cloth and dip it in the wood ash to clean the glass.

5. Show off your stove
Have your wood stove looking its best because we know the appearance of your stove is also important. When the stove is not in use, use some elbow grease to give the outside of your stove a good clean using a lint free cloth or shoe brush to wipe away any soot or dust.

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