RSF Opel 2 Plus Wood Fireplace

Opel 2 Plus

Classic Elegance. Modern Performance


The Opel Plus series has taken the Opel family of fireplaces to the next level. EPA certified at 0.7g/hr makes the Opel Plus one of the most advanced and cleanest units available on the market today, yet it still maintains its classic styling. In the past, Popular Science Magazine has recommended the Opel for its efficiency and reduction of emissions. Over the years this technology has only improved and been refined to make the Opel Plus what it is today.

Catalytic Opel

  • EPA Certified to comply with 2020 particulate emission standards at 0.7 g/hr.
  • Large 3.6 cubic feet firebox allowing overnight burns
  • BTU Output range 10,000 to 70,000
  • Heating capacity up to 3000 ft2

Catalyst Care Tips:

  • Burn natural wood only. Do not burn chemical chimney cleaners, chemically treated wood, driftwood, construction scrap or garbage in your unit.
  • Purchase the optional Digital Temperature Display (FO-DTD) to monitor the temperature of your catalyst.
  • Maintain a healthy catalyst temperature between 175°C (350°F) and 700°C (1300°F). Prolonged high or low temperatures may shorten the life of your Opel catalyst.
  • Remove cooled ash from the face of the catalyst by brushing it gently with a soft bristle brush (e.g. paint brush). Vacuum use near the face of the catalyst to remove the remaining ash is permitted; however avoid direct contact with the catalyst unit.
  • Limit cleaning to the visible face of the catalyst only. Attempting to clean the individual catalyst openings may do more harm than good. Scrapers or hard bristle brushes are never recommended.


Louvers for the Opel There are many ways you can finish your OPEL C1 fireplace. You can choose to install louvers – with or without the upper louver – louvers are available in various styles (regular black: FO-OPLB; or decorative black (FO-OPLC) or no louvers at all (FO-F3).
Opel Louver Trim The Opel Louver Trim is a portrait style frame to cover the rough-cut edges of finishing around the opening of the upper louver on an Opel fireplace. It is not intended for use with heavy or thick finishing’s.
Gravity Vent Kit The gravity vent kit uses natural convection to distribute the heat generated by the fireplace to the same floor and/or floors above the fireplace.
Clean Face FO-F3 + FO-V2/V3 (2X) The Clean Face Kit is required for clean-face installations (no louvers). It includes plates that cover the louver openings and an air duct that brings air from the home into the fireplace. Gravity vents are required with this option.
Gravity Vent Damper The Gravity Vent Damper can be installed on a louvered fireplace to add some control to the Gravity Vent (FO-V2).
Gravity Vent Kit – Rectangular The gravity vent kit uses natural convection to distribute the heat generated by the fireplace to the same floor and/or floors above the fireplace.
Internal Blower The internal blower kit will increase the circulation of heated air in the room where the fireplace is installed.
Central Heat Blower Kit The central heat blower kit enables the distribution of heat generated by the fireplace throughout many rooms and different floors using either dedicated ducts or the house central heating ducts.
Central Heating Tee This Tee allows you to have two Gravity Vents (FO-V2) on your fireplace and still be able to install the Central Heat option (FO-FDHB6-1).
Heat Dump The Heat Dump Kit contains all the parts necessary to circulate a moderate amount of heat from your fireplace to another room with a small fan.
Rock Retainer Kit (Opel) This rock retainer kit will allow you to finish your Opel fireplace with thin non-supporting facing such as tiles.
Masonry Chimney Adapter This adapter will attach to the liner with 3 stainless steel rivets (provided) and to the EXCEL chimney with 3 screws (provided).



Opel 2 Plus
Note: The installation manual should always be used for the precise planning and accurate installation of your fireplace.
Outside Dimensions 37″ W X 52 1/4″ H X 24″ D
Shipping weight 553 lb
Glass viewing size 10 5/16″ W x 15 13/16″ H
Firebox Size 3.6 cubic feetBased on overall firebox dimensions, EPA official firebox dimensions are smaller.
Firewood Length 18″
Heating Capacity 3,000 ft2
Chimney 7″ Excel
Door Finish Metallic Black
Outside Air 4″, meets R2000All RSF models come equipped to accept a 4″ outside air duct, a 5″ can also be used. All models can also be installed to operate using room air.
Mobile Home Approved NO
BTU Output Range 10,000 to 70,000Actual BTU output depends on many factors, but primarily on the quality of the wood burned.
Heating Capacity 1,500 to 3,000 ft2Depends primarily on wood quality, ambient air temperature and building heat loss.
EPA Certified 0.7 g/hr
Optimal Efficiency 80%Low Heating Value (LHV), using data generated under the best circumstances and CSA B415.1-10 calculations.


Owners Manual Exploded View Limited Warranty Brochure